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As used at the 2012 VIP Olympics Great Britain Made & Manufactured in Britain

About US

ZIPBAR is a combination of design, manufacturing and events/leisure industry experience

In 2009, having worked in the events/leisure industry for many years Zhev Liberson (the founder of ZIPBAR) identified the need for a durable, transportable and professional bar system. Drawing on his knowledge of the events industry together with his extensive experience in stainless steel manufacturing, Zhev developed a mobile bar system which was able to withstand the rigorous demand of this high paced industry.

Event Bar System

The bar system was successfully tried and tested at Glastonbury Music Festival, The Royal Cornwall Show and various student union balls; and on the back of this success Zhev decided it was time to develop a brand and launch the product nationwide.

At this point the bar concept went through a further development period. Where we understood that developing the curved bar sections or "Ark" completed the versatility of Zipbar and enabled it to build into round bars, internal corner and external corner set ups.

Our company ethos is based on Zhevs original idea that temporary events should not necessarily equal disposable products. As a team we are committed to providing a high quality standardised product that once invested will last season after season and can grow as your business grows.

Equally with our wide range of skills and service based industry backgrounds, we here at ZIPBAR understand the importance of providing not just a product but a complete service that looks after you from the moment you click on our website, right through to your periodic bar overhaul.

Whether you are interesting in buying two sections of ZIPBAR or twenty, our aim is to respond quickly and efficiently to your companies needs so please feel free to email us or call us on 01752 266566 for a chat.