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Zipbar is a professional, portable, durable bar system

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At Zipbar, we specialize in portable bar design and bar manufacturing, offering custom portable bars that cater to your unique needs. Our innovative mobile bar solutions are perfect for any setting, providing high-quality, commercial bar equipment that meets the demands of the leisure industry.

Our extensive range includes modular bar systems, portable bar units, and folding bar counters designed for versatility and convenience.

Whether you’re planning event bar setups or need outdoor portable bars for an alfresco occasion, Zipbar has you covered. We provide bar furniture for events that is both functional and stylish, ensuring your guests enjoy a seamless experience.

I can’t say enough about Zipbar and how it transformed our event setup. As an event planner, I’m always looking for ways to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience. Zipbar’s portable bar system exceeded my expectations in every way. The standardisation of the working platform provided by Zipbar made it incredibly easy to integrate into our event layout, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance across all bars. Plus, the space-saving capabilities were a game-changer. Being able to store away the bars when not in use freed up valuable space in our venue and made setup and breakdown a breeze. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Zipbar was the cost savings. With only a couple of people needed for setup and the ability to transport up to massive meterage of bar in one van, we saved significantly on labour and transportation expenses. It’s rare to find a product that not only improves efficiency but also helps cut costs. Thanks to Zipbar, our events are now more organised, efficient, and cost-effective than ever before. I can’t recommend it enough to fellow event planners looking to elevate their mobile bar experience. Just placed another order increasing our stock further!

Emily Danter
Danter Attractions

Each Zipbar system is available as single 1.2 meter bar sections, which can be used individually or slotted together.

Zipbar construction uses no tools to create larger bars. The bars can be expanded by simply adding an “add on” section of bar, allowing for the creation of larger or custom bar designs.

All our bar parts are compatible with other Zipbar components, enabling the addition of different shaped curves to your existing setup. Additionally, extra bars can be hired to expand your Zipbar stock for larger, one-off events.

We have a whole network of Zipbar stock holders across the UK and other parts of the world who offer the product for hire. The whole Zipbar system packs into purpose built stainless steel transport trollies and rigs with no tools in minutes. British innovation paving the way…

Zipbar Portable Bar System 

Zipbar Portable Bar System 

Zipbar Portable Bar System 

Zipbar Portable Bar System 

Zipbar Portable Bar System 

Zipbar Portable Bar System 

Zipbar professional, portable, durable bar system

Choosing Zipbar for our events was a fantastic decision. Their portable bar system not only simplifies setup and teardown but also significantly boosts our drink up sales. The convenience and variety Zipbar bring to our event company have led to increased customer satisfaction. Our clients love the experience, and our drink sales have seen a notable increase in sales. Zipbar has proven to be a valuable asset to our events, keeping both our team and customers happy.

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Choose Zipbar for all your portable bar needs and discover why we are the leading choice for portable bar design and bar manufacturing in the leisure industry. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help elevate your next event.