About the bar system

Zipbar - Portable bar system for events, weddings and corporate days

Zipbar is a company that combines expertise in design and manufacturing for the events and leisure industry to offer portable bar systems.

Founded in 2009, alongside Stainless Fabs Ltd, by a professional with over 15 years of experience in the events and leisure industry, Zipbar identified a market need for a durable, transportable, and professional portable bar solution.

For the hospitality industry, we offer comprehensive hospitality bar solutions and portable event bars that are easy to set up and transport. Our expertise in bar design for the leisure industry means we can deliver bar setups for festivals, bar equipment for venues, and collapsible bar designs that are perfect for any temporary or permanent installation.

Our fully customisable bar units and portable cocktail bars are ideal for a variety of applications, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events. We pride ourselves on providing professional bar equipment and temporary bar installations that enhance any venue. From bar setups for trade shows to portable bar counters for outdoor events, our products are designed to impress.

Zipbar is a flexible and versatile portable bar system. The development of curved Zipbar sections, known as the “Arc,” along with a DDA-compliant disabled access service module, has expanded its adaptability. These innovations enable Zipbar to be configured into round portable bars, as well as internal and external corner setups.

The Zipbar ethos is rooted in the original idea that temporary events should not appear makeshift. Instead, any company using the Zipbar system should benefit from a high-profile, professional-looking setup and a superior working environment for their staff.

Zipbar has greatly improved our event setup. With their portable bar system, we’ve seen a notable increase in drink upsales, much to our delight. Our customers are thrilled with the convenience and variety Zipbar offers, leading to higher levels of satisfaction all around. Saving us set up and take down time which is vital when we have back-to-back events around the country. It’s clear that Zipbar has become an integral part of our success.